Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Cove

Saw the movie "The Cove" the other night, not dissimilar to the message in another amazing documentary "Sharkwater". Both are painful to watch if you have any respect for nature and the amazing creation that surrounds us, but also necessary if we are to get people informed and active in affecting change. As Paul Watson, the sometimes nutty Captain of the Sea Shepherd so aptly put it, "man is completely insane" referring to the abusive and completely irresponsible manner in which we treat this earth and its creatures.

We are short-sighted, illogical and completely lacking in sustainable practices. Our greed and selfishness will be our undoing.

I only hope that I can always remain humble enough to be respectful of all of God's creation.

Welcome to SeaSpaces

I just wanted to extend a warm welcome to visitors to the SeaSpaces blog. This blog is the second half of a volunteer effort to help sustain and save our fragile oceans. With the horrors occuring in the Gulf Coast thanks to BP coupled with my passion for diving, I've been inspired to take a more hands-on approach to creating positive change for our oceans and our world.

My artwork sold on the Etsy shop will provide funds to assist a variety of charitable organizations working to save the oceans and the creatures that inhabit them.

Come back and visit, for I will use this blog (as well as other contributors) to discuss dives, news and issues regarding the life-sustaining oceans. Thanks. Your comments are always welcome, however flamers and trolls will be deleted without hesitation.